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Melissa Wehler, Phd

I have BAs in English and Anthropology, MA Literary and Cultural Studies, Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, and a PhD in English. I have 10+ Years of Collegiate Teaching, won 2 Teaching Excellence Awards, and am an Apple Certified Teacher. I have published on Superheroes, the Gothic, Feminism, and Teaching.

I enjoy hiking, weaving, puzzles, gardening, Netflix, reading, writing, crafting, baking, and mediating. I live with my husband, my son, and two angry chihuahuas. 


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This 3-credit course is a college graduation requirement for all students. There is no prerequisite (or a course that you take to prepare you for this course). There is no textbook for course since all materials are provided by the professors. The course meets four times a week, Tuesday-Friday from 8:40am-9:40am in College Hall. 

Our Learning Goals

Our Expectations

What you can

expect from Me

What I can

expect from you

Time Expectations

Most of your classes are worth three credits. This generally means that you meet and work with a professor for a total of four hours per week (due to our accelerated 11-week terms) and that you spend at least 8 hours working independently outside of class. In other words, the credit system operates on a one to two ratio: two hours of homework or study performed for every one hour your class meets.

Participation Expectations

Students are expected to participate in course discussions and provide quality contributions:

  • Provides a unique and interesting insight into the topic

  • Offers relevant examples and analyses for the topic

  • Adds to the conversation / analysis on the topic

  • Demonstrates logical connections between insight and topic

  • Connects with other comments, course materials, or class examples

  • Refrains from subjective opinions unless these are qualified (I think, I feel, I believe)

Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to engage respectfully and responsibility with their faculty member, peer, and coursework.  It is the right of every student to have a safe learning environment.  Students engaging in hate speech, bullying, or the like will not be tolerated. 

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