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First-Year Seminar

Your Faculty

Melissa Wehler, Phd

I have BAs in English and Anthropology, MA Literary and Cultural Studies, Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, and a PhD in English. I have 10+ Years of Collegiate Teaching, won 2 Teaching Excellence Awards, and am an Apple Certified Teacher. I have published on Superheroes, the Gothic, Feminism, and Teaching.

I enjoy hiking, weaving, puzzles, gardening, Netflix, reading, writing, crafting, baking, and mediating. I live with my husband, my son, and two angry chihuahuas. 


our Course



This 3-credit course is a college graduation requirement for all students. There is no prerequisite (or a course that you take to prepare you for this course). There is no textbook for course since all materials are provided by the professors. The course meets four times a week, Tuesday-Friday from 8:40am-9:40am in College Hall. 

Our Learning Goals

Identify and apply best practices for soft skills including time management, goal-setting, and organization.

Analyze personal development including cultural awareness, leadership, and emotional intelligence though self-reflection.

Recognize and practice coping mechanisms for writing, testing, and other student-related anxieties.

Identify student support services and articulate the ways they are used to contribute to academic success.

Develop academic literacies including financial understanding, academic planning, and information literacy.

Our Expectations

  • Provide a rigorous learning environment

  • Arrive to class on time and prepared​

  • Reply to emails within 24 hours (during the week)

  • Return assignments in a timely manner (usually one week)

What you can

expect from Me

What I can

expect from you

  • Arrive to class on time and prepared​

  • Be curious, and courageous

  • Adhere to classroom policies

  • Spend an adequate amount of time on the course

Home Office

Time Expectations

Most of your classes are worth three credits. This generally means that you meet and work with a professor for a total of four hours per week (due to our accelerated 11-week terms) and that you spend at least 8 hours working independently outside of class. In other words, the credit system operates on a one to two ratio: two hours of homework or study performed for every one hour your class meets.

Participation Expectations

Students are expected to participate in course discussions and provide quality contributions:

  • Provides a unique and interesting insight into the topic

  • Offers relevant examples and analyses for the topic

  • Adds to the conversation / analysis on the topic

  • Demonstrates logical connections between insight and topic

  • Connects with other comments, course materials, or class examples

  • Refrains from subjective opinions unless these are qualified (I think, I feel, I believe)

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Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to engage respectfully and responsibility with their faculty member, peer, and coursework.  It is the right of every student to have a safe learning environment.  Students engaging in hate speech, bullying, or the like will not be tolerated. 

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